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Welcome to the Fuzion project

This webpage has been made to facilitate the distribution of all Fuzion software and to allow interaction between all registrants. A simple summary of the Fuzion projects can be read below.

There are currently 96 registrants

Max 100 registrants!

Counterstrike is about to be purged

Counter-Strike, the game to which all persons (including yourself it seems) now play has run out of steam due to extreme use by the other players.
This System must be removed during the upgrade to Source 2.0, in order for Valve to make a better game. Which is planned for sometime this year (2017). We request that you encourage others to leave this game. This can be done by signing up and using Fuzion.

A quick rundown

Aimtux Fuzion is the Best CS:GO cheat available.
It is a culmination of many years of hard work from various talented individuals. Because of this, we must ensure it is used correctly. If Fuzion is used incorrectly, then we reset the System.

Unfortunately, many cheats are unable to improve, regardless of the number of updates they undergo. Due to the openness of the GPL, everyone is allowed to edit Fuzion in order to correct our path. As a result of this process, Fuzion will be always improving.

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